Ellie: I suppose you’re wondering why I brought you here.

Lutetium: Not really. You gave me booze. I’m set. Who’s this guy.

Ellie: His name is Carlos and he’s a scientist. We’re friends.

Lutetium: You’re not dating, are you?

Ellie: Just because Zhan is alright with adultery doesn’t mean–anyway, we’re here to discuss what will happen when you take over the family.


Lutetium: Oh, I know that already. I get a new house and pop out some kids. Easy peasy.


Ellie: Well… not exactly.


Ellie: … would you like to tell her?

Carlos: Because I was the one to introduce the subject to you?

Ellie: No, because I finished my drink and I need another one.


Carlos: I was going over the notes that Ellie took during the ISBI, and we mostly found that sims left to their own devices will pee themselves a lot. And pee is not scientifically interesting.


Carlos: But this new type of legacy will prove to be very interesting, scientifically. So interesting, in fact, that scientists from all over the world will be fighting to get tickets to see. Metaphorically, of course, because we’ll be publishing our findings online.


Lutetium: Hold on… you’re going to take my personal life and put it on the Internet? I know the Watcher does that, but… there’s a huge difference between the Watcher and some science guy I don’t know.


Carlos: Don’t worry. You still get the new house.


Lutetium: That’s not my problem. My problem is you’re going to be taking pictures of me whenever you want and putting them online for strangers. Which is exactly what the Watcher does, but it’s like okay when they do it because I know them? Sort of? … you know I’m actually less okay with it now that I’m saying it out loud, but my point still stands.

Carlos: We’ll only be documenting the scientifically interesting bits. So nothing with pee.

Lutetium: That doesn’t really make me feel better.


Lutetium: How is a Differences in the Family Tree thing scientifically interesting, anyway? I’ll be planting apples or something. Lots of people plant apples. It’s not new.

Carlos: It would take too much time to explain what is so scientifically interesting. And I doubt you would understand it if you weren’t a scientist.

Lutetium: … that just means you don’t have an answer. : /

Lutetium: Anyway, we have a problem. A big part of the first generation in a DITFT is that you can’t have kids until you’re married. And upon turning eighteen, I gained a trait that makes me not want to be married.

Carlos: … come with me.


Lutetium: … this wasn’t here when we came it.

Carlos: It was transported through science while we were in the other room.


Carlos: If you step into this device, we can change your traits.

Lutetium: … isn’t that against the rules? Don’t I need to spend happiness points or something to change traits?

Carlos: You’re not technically part of any legacy right now, so anything goes.


Lutetium: That’s all good but… I don’t really want to change myself. Like… if I change then I’ll want to get married, and my traits are telling me that I shouldn’t want to get married…

Carlos: It’ll be fine once you get inside.

Lutetium: … is it really ethical to change my very personality if I’m not on board with it?

Carlos: This is science, we have no need for ethics!

Lutetium: That… seems wrong.



Lutetium: Also isn’t this a time machine?

Carlos: With science, it can be anything you want it to be!

Lutetium: Well, I can’t argue with that logic.


And so Lutetium stepped inside the Time Science Machine.

Lutetium: The inside of this machine looks like Medieval Europe?

Carlos: That lets you know that the science is working.

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