Ellie: I suppose you’re wondering why I brought you here.

Lutetium: Not really. You gave me booze. I’m set. Who’s this guy.

Ellie: His name is Carlos and he’s a scientist. We’re friends.

Lutetium: You’re not dating, are you?

Ellie: Just because Zhan is alright with adultery doesn’t mean–anyway, we’re here to discuss what will happen when you take over the family.


Lutetium: Oh, I know that already. I get a new house and pop out some kids. Easy peasy.


Ellie: Well… not exactly.


Ellie: … would you like to tell her?

Carlos: Because I was the one to introduce the subject to you?

Ellie: No, because I finished my drink and I need another one.


Carlos: I was going over the notes that Ellie took during the ISBI, and we mostly found that sims left to their own devices will pee themselves a lot. And pee is not scientifically interesting.


Carlos: But this new type of legacy will prove to be very interesting, scientifically. So interesting, in fact, that scientists from all over the world will be fighting to get tickets to see. Metaphorically, of course, because we’ll be publishing our findings online.


Lutetium: Hold on… you’re going to take my personal life and put it on the Internet? I know the Watcher does that, but… there’s a huge difference between the Watcher and some science guy I don’t know.


Carlos: Don’t worry. You still get the new house.


Lutetium: That’s not my problem. My problem is you’re going to be taking pictures of me whenever you want and putting them online for strangers. Which is exactly what the Watcher does, but it’s like okay when they do it because I know them? Sort of? … you know I’m actually less okay with it now that I’m saying it out loud, but my point still stands.

Carlos: We’ll only be documenting the scientifically interesting bits. So nothing with pee.

Lutetium: That doesn’t really make me feel better.


Lutetium: How is a Differences in the Family Tree thing scientifically interesting, anyway? I’ll be planting apples or something. Lots of people plant apples. It’s not new.

Carlos: It would take too much time to explain what is so scientifically interesting. And I doubt you would understand it if you weren’t a scientist.

Lutetium: … that just means you don’t have an answer. : /

Lutetium: Anyway, we have a problem. A big part of the first generation in a DITFT is that you can’t have kids until you’re married. And upon turning eighteen, I gained a trait that makes me not want to be married.

Carlos: … come with me.


Lutetium: … this wasn’t here when we came it.

Carlos: It was transported through science while we were in the other room.


Carlos: If you step into this device, we can change your traits.

Lutetium: … isn’t that against the rules? Don’t I need to spend happiness points or something to change traits?

Carlos: You’re not technically part of any legacy right now, so anything goes.


Lutetium: That’s all good but… I don’t really want to change myself. Like… if I change then I’ll want to get married, and my traits are telling me that I shouldn’t want to get married…

Carlos: It’ll be fine once you get inside.

Lutetium: … is it really ethical to change my very personality if I’m not on board with it?

Carlos: This is science, we have no need for ethics!

Lutetium: That… seems wrong.



Lutetium: Also isn’t this a time machine?

Carlos: With science, it can be anything you want it to be!

Lutetium: Well, I can’t argue with that logic.


And so Lutetium stepped inside the Time Science Machine.

Lutetium: The inside of this machine looks like Medieval Europe?

Carlos: That lets you know that the science is working.

Slow-Roast Waffles

So I honestly didn’t think this chapter was going to be up in the time that I wanted it to be. I was playing another save file and had put in some CC that I wanted for that household, and then the game just. Broke. First the launcher wouldn’t open. Then it would, but pressing play would make my screen go black and the computer would do a hard shut-down. Then it was just that the screen went black and stayed that way for ages.

Removing the new CC that I’d put in didn’t fix it. I’d spent a lot of the night last night trying to make the thing open with no luck.

Then it started working today after I took out all the mods, and then putting them back in didn’t break it again. I’m not going to question it.


Lutetium had two times as many votes as either of her sisters when I checked the poll, so she’s officially our founder of the DITFT when that happens.

How do you feel about gardening for a living even though none of your traits would make you want to garden?

Lutetium: Are you sure you don’t want to do the fishing generation?

Do not speak to me or my children ever again. I’m done with fishing forever.


Terbium somehow learned that Bella is single and I have no idea how that happened.


Then I remembered that we hadn’t gotten a proper picture of Thulium.


Take a long look because she leaves immediately after this.


I didn’t kick her out, I just got an opportunity for the adults to go on vacation.

I figured accepting it would mean I didn’t have to go to graduation.

And then I’d get to see what the teens would do with a day off and no one to tell them what to do.


This, apparently.


Lutetium: Hey, sis. I heard you were using the radio. Isn’t music great?

Ytterbium: I’m… going to go take a bath before prom starts.

For some reason they’re not very close.

Then prom happened!


Ytterbium picks on a nerd like she’s not aware of what our entire legacy is based on.


… and then she just fights her way through everyone there.


Ytterbium got rejected all night, but Lutetium apparently has a thing for Sam Sekemoto. Since Krypton brought his high school sweetheart over to the ISBI so many generations back, I make a note to grab Sam for Lu.


The next morning, the bus comes as Ytterbium is making waffles. I spend the whole day watching the oven waiting for it to burst into flames.


Ytterbium: … I think I’ve done all my homework for the day, but I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Wonder what that could be.

Old gnome is old.


… also, when did we get this?


Lutetium skills in the pool.


Ytterbium finally remembers her waffles almost 24 hours after putting them in the oven.


Ytterbium: OW! Why can’t I pick up this hot metal pan with my bare hands?


… I was hoping they would be burnt so I can make some sort of snide remark. But they’re nice quality and I’m angry about it.

Ytterbium: My slow-roasted waffles are finally done. : )


The adults come back and Europium swoons over Riley.

Europium: What a fine piece of plush ass.

I’m disturbed.


Mick: I know I just spent two days spending time on a tropical island with my lovely wife, but I really missed videogames while we were there.


Mick wasn’t the only one.

Europium: You two spend your whole vacation drinking fruity drinks and ignoring everyone else, and then you come home and play this garbage? What happened to quality family time?


Thulium: The only thing that’s garbage is that Mick is playing on a PC when console is clearly superior.


While the twins were out at school, I got things ready for a birthday party!

Mick: My little girls are going to be all grown up. ;_;

Erbium: Ooh, someone made slow-roasted waffles!


You better watch it, Sam. : /


Lutetium: Hey, everyone! I’m gonna blow out my candles!

Thulium: … I need a drink.


We invited guests over, but they were still milling around like butts.

Poolparazzi: This is like a pool… but small and warm… hmmmm…


Iliana: I brought sushi. : I

This isn’t the best time for that.


By the time Ytterbium got to her cake, everyone was upstairs, but… not in the mood for birthday celebrations.

Terbium: I’m all birthday-ed out.

Lutetium: I’m tired.

Darlene: Um, can you move? I’m gonna sit there. : /

Such is the life of a twin.


Ytterbium got the natural cook trait. Which won’t really matter because she’s not going to be in our new household.

Ytterbium: *dumps cake on ground* What are you talking about? I’m Lu’s twin so I should be the one to carry her torch.

… what are you talking about?


Ytterbium: Lu was decapitated by some blinds. She’s dead.


In all seriousness, Lutetium’s final trait is commitment-issues… which should be fun. : /

I tried to give her a more mature and nature-y look. And also something that wouldn’t give us an upskirt every time she plants a seed.

So… we did it! I don’t know how to feel about this right now but I am excited for new beginnings and all that. Expect a little interlogue sometime soon, and… see you in 2017! Or later if you’re reading this in the future, I guess.

Final Score:

Self Wetting : 18 -140
Fires: 5 -25
Electrocutions: 3 -15
Passing Out : 46 -230
Failing School : … shoot probably a lot actually ;_;
Accidental Deaths : (0)
Social Worker Visit : (0)
Game breakiness that’s my own fault : 2

Every Birth : 16 +80
Twins : (8) +80
Triplets : (1) +20
Fulfilling LTWs : 7 +280
NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : (0)
Every Honor Roll : 9 +45
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1 +20
Painting of Torch Holder (4) + 20

Final Total = 130 minus something