Fairy Conspiracy

We’re so close, guys. ;_;

I’ll be honest I was kind of hoping when I opened the game to have some uneventful days that I could kind of speed through so I could get things wrapped up this chapter. I’m excited for a new legacy chapter and new challenge and new generation and controlling the whole house again.

But when have things ever been uneventful here.


Terbium: Thules, did you break the laptop while randomly swinging a pillow through the house?

Thulium: No! And it’s not random, I’m trying to get Riley to leave the house. : /


Saturday was our outing, so everyone went to a movie.

They saw the thing about sharks on land and everyone loved it but Erbium.


Also Holly Alto and Tori Kimura are apparently dating.


Thulium: My favorite part of the movie was escaping the infinite void of the theater.


Ytterbium went out in the dumpsters after the movie. So I guess the cleancore thing is over now.

Ytterbium: The new aesthetic is upcycling.


And Lutetium went to the back of the theater to eat a nice, healthy asphalt mushroom.


My favorite part is that she holds it like a friggin’ cigarette.

Then a bunch of them went home and I sent the people who hadn’t left the group to the pool.


Erbium: Dammit, Lu. Your ‘haunted shitstain’ story is not scary, no matter how many times you tell it.


June: Oh dear. Now I can’t confess to Terbium about my affair with her husband. : I

I honestly was expecting Europium would go first.

And wasn’t really expecting anyone to die between now and the end of the ISBI. o_o


Death: June Mende– shit I broke my scythe.


June: *laughs*

Death: Please this is serious.


June: Please, Death! I can’t die while the TV is still broken!

Death: That is… by far the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. Get in the damn urn.


Europium: Shit, I just sensed that my wife died across town. ;_;

Terbium: Really? I don’t feel anything.

Darlene: Wow, this is awkward. ._.


Europium: To reunite with my wife, I’ll set fire to our house and bring this whole family down in a blaze of glory…

Terbium: Like hell you are.

Europium: … should not have said that out loud.

Europium was so upset that he stayed at the pool while most everyone else went home, so I went back and checked on him later.


Only to find this.

Europium: Haven’t enough people died? ;_;


Death: Busy night.


Poolparazzi: The Mendeleevs were spotted at the pool late last night…

Mick: … shouldn’t you be writing about the girl who just drowned?

Poolparazzi: …and Mick Mendeleev, neé Situp, was dressed very nicely in…


Death: Darlene Bunch… your life is unfortunate and makes me lol. You get to live.


Darlene: … why can’t I rest. ;_;


Poolparazzi: Hm… this is good… but not as good as the Mendeleev pool.


Europium is apparently trying to reunite with his wife.


Terbium: First of all, Milton, you’re poolparazzi. The only reason I haven’t drowned you is because it’d be too much effort to get you into the house, into the pool, and then put a fence around said pool with you in it. Second of all, you wrote a fashion piece about my husband while a girl was dying and being resurrected by Death himself right next to you. You’re a shit reporter. So no, I won’t date you.


These are the faces that Thulium makes when she sees Riley.

… it’s not even that they have a low relationship. But she does not like Riley.


Lutetium’s been playing on the piano and she’s actually getting pretty skilled.

Europium: We have some great kids in this family.

Mick: Yeah…

Terbium: I’m gonna pour ladybugs down the back of her shirt when she’s done.

Terbium… you’re in a bikini… where are you keeping the ladybugs…

I took her to the gym to save Lutetium. And also because Terbium’s agent wanted her to work out or something.


Agnes: *immediately pulls Terbium off of the treadmill for an autograph*

Judy: *swoops in to steal treadmill*

What kind of fairy conspiracy.


Judy couldn’t get changed into athletic clothes fast enough, though, so we stole the treadmill right back.

Judy: Well, it was worth a shot.


While waiting for the girls to show up for school I got distracted by the person (?) in that corner over there.

And then checked back to see that all but one of the teens had decided to skip school.

…and Lutetium had decided to run to the field trip at the theater rather than taking the bus.


Wait… but.


She’s not there?


… no you didn’t???


Thulium: Quick, Ytterbium! We can’t miss our field trip!

It’s already over????


After (probably) finding no one at the theater, they returned home for Thulium’s birthday.

Thulium: I’m an adult now! Yay!

Ytterbium: … you do realize they scheduled prom to be tomorrow, right? So you can’t go?

Thulium: … well shit.


Thulium’s final trait is supernatural skeptic.

Thulium: So shut the fuck up, Riley. I don’t believe in you anymore.

Riley’s birthday borked the game so I won’t have pictures of Thulium’s makeover until next chapter. Which will also include prom, and possibly the end of an era??

Thanks for stopping by!


Self Wetting : 18 -140
Fires: 5 -25
Electrocutions: 3 -15
Passing Out : 46 -230
Failing School : … shoot probably a lot actually ;_;
Accidental Deaths : (0)
Social Worker Visit : (0)
Game breakiness that’s my own fault : 2

Every Birth : 16 +80
Twins : (8) +80
Triplets : (1) +20
Fulfilling LTWs : 7 +280
NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : (0)
Every Honor Roll : 9 +45
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1 +20
Painting of Torch Holder (4) + 20

TOTAL = 130 minus something

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