Stuff Happens IDK

My goal is to be on the new generation for the new year, so let’s get cracking!


Thulium: I saw you and grandma.

Mick: … are you going to tell your mother? : I

Thulium: This is an ISBI, so I don’t think I can. : /


Erbium is still trying to kill everyone by sleeping in front of the fridge.


So I threw a mini fridge downstairs because everyone was miserable.


I remembered the family outing! Yay!


Lutetium: Y’know, this is why we try not to go out to public places.


Terbium: No, I’m not going to catch fish for you. I’m with my family… what do you mean ‘since when do you put your family before fishing.’ I’ve always been an excellent mom.

Ytterbium: When she gets off the phone she’s gonna scare me I just know it. O_O


Erbium’s a party pooper.

Or maybe he’s going to go booby trap the fridge.


Terbium went to talk to her mom, but they talked about the new house and stuff rather than, you know, drama.

A DITPT will be fun because I’ll be able to artificially inject drama for my own amusement.


This? This is not drama.


Terbium: I talked to your gramma like you told me. Was I supposed to get something from that?

Thulium: Forget it, mom. You can be oblivious if you want.


Terbium: Hey, let’s… turn that frown upside down…

Thulium: Oh god…

Terbium: … and finish learning how to drive?

Thulium: … sure?


I forgot that the game would try to make everyone else follow Terbium, and so the Mendeleevs were scattered to the winds.


Erbium: And this is why you leave the family outings early.

Lutetium: And because paparazzi.


Europium: Well, I can’t follow the Motive Mobile even with Thulium’s shitty driving, so I’ll stream some videos in the middle of the street.

You’re not even holding the phone right.


Thulium: D: Mom, I think I just hit a woman flying on a broom?

Terbium: Don’t worry. There were no witnesses and blood just slicks right off the Motive Mobile’s glossy finish. She has no evidence.


Thulium learned to drive and then they were eaten by a small star.

Or a paparazzi taking a flash photo two inches from their faces.

And where was Mick the whole time?


can’t make any drama happen, but these aren’t doing anything to hide it.


We interrupt this adultery for some birthdays.

Ytterbium: Yay!


Lutetium, if you stay a kid I swear…


Cute! She got. A trait. If you want to know her traits you can just scroll down.


These kids are too gorgeous.


I went back for a quick checkup of the other family members and…

I’m just going to pretend I don’t see these two because there’s not really anything I can do about it.


Europium: I thought an apple a day was supposed to keep the doctor away.

Time for an heir poll!

This poll will be deciding who will be the ‘founder’ of the next leg of our legacy, which should finish up the periodic table, which is… honestly something I never actually thought I would accomplish.


Thulium is an inappropriate bookwoorm who is both excitable and friendly… although you really wouldn’t know it. Since she’s been kind of… ignored… during her childhood. She dreams to start her own legacy with her Imaginary Friend whose name is probably something inane.


Lutetium is a disciplined athlete and a virtuoso. She’s recently developed an uncontrollable urge to steal shit. Almost attained immortality by simply refusing to stop wearing diapers.


Ytterbium is an excitable athlete with good luck on her side, although she can find it hard to get a good night’s sleep. She has kickass hair as long as she’s not standing in front of a window. Runs like five aesthetic blogs.

2 thoughts on “Stuff Happens IDK

  1. Woo! More Mendeleevs! I was torn between the girls. They’re all so awesome in their own way! And they’re all gorgeous, so you can’t choose by that. But Thulium has the most divergent-from-her-mother face…and I love those eyes. ^_^

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