Fishing for Compliments

It’s been a while (since when has it not been a while, it’s been a while for a while…) so I’m gonna need a refresher of what’s going on. Okay!


Europium and June are sleeping. Good. A thing that must be done. A+ you two.


Terbium and Erbium are taking care of babies. Or Erbium’s taking care of a baby and Terbium is standing around feeling full of herself.

Terbium: I’m a good parent. : )

Erbium: … you’re really not.

Solid B.


Thulium is sleeping, while Mick… is about to put a baby that is 5 minutes from busting out crying in the sleeping kid’s room.

D- Mick. I had to send Terbium to fix your mistake.

Mick: I’m a good parent.

You’re really not.


Imaginary friend with a distorted shirt gets a F-. Go away. You don’t belong here.


Now, June should either be A) getting into the van to go on a family outing or B) going to take care of the miserable infants upstairs.

But she is talking to the maid, which you may recognize as being neither of those things. This is just a general taste of how this entire outing goes.


Terbium behaves and goes fishing like I want her to, but she’s controlled by me and doesn’t really have a choice in the matter.


Europium immediately heads back home.

As does everyone else.

At least I didn’t forget this time. I tried. It’s not my fault.


Only Thulium stays, and she mostly just sits on the sidewalk, not even at the lot where she’s supposed to be, and does this.


Europium gets a pass because he came to save the babies, because they were in the red and June was STILL talking to the maid.


And then it was June’s birthday. She’s gonna be old now.

June: Hooray! Now I have an excuse to completely ignore all the stuff I should be doing.

No, no you don’t.


June: … what am I wearing.

I’ll fix it.


Also the babies grew up. I thought that they had more time to go and they’d just been born right before the end of my last session, but I guess they’d been alive longer than that.

Probably the fact that Terbium is still in maternity clothes threw me off.


Lutetium is in a Scene phase but, more importantly, has the most gorgeous big eyes. You can tell easier in create-a-sim but damn they are lovely.

She likes Darkwave and is a virtuoso in addition to being athletic.


Ytterbium is also athletic but also… a different trait. Her favorite color is white so now she runs a pale blog on Tumblr or something.

Ytterbium: Follow for pale naptime aesthetic.


Speaking of naptime aesthetic, Thules, you should be going to bed. It’s 2 AM on a school… morning.

Thulium: What are you gonna do about it? Tell my mom? She doesn’t care.

… fair point.


Something Terbium does care about: We now have 9 perfect fish.

Four to go.


… I’m glad this is, like, the last generation of the ISBI (I’m pretty sure?) because I’m not going to use this house again for toddlers.


Europium: Why are you coming home from school at 8 PM, young lady?

Thulium: Because I had a trash upbringing. Now let me eat and go to sleep, old man.

At least she actually went to sleep this time. : I


They’re both so done and I was also so done. No one’s really getting a good night’s sleep because the toddlers always need stuff, and half the time they either route fail on the stairs and scream until everyone is awake.


Haven’t taken too many pictures of Terbium because she spends her entire life fishing. Here I’ve made a little pond and stocked it with some of the fish we don’t have ‘perfect’ specimens of yet, so I can at least have a controllable sim in the area for when a toddler needs to be cared for.

June and Europium are both in the house constantly, but they’re basically useless.


Like right now.

Europium: You’re so sexy when you ignore starving toddlers to flirt with me. 😉

June: And YOU’re so sexy when you ignore starving toddlers to flirt with ME.



Cute picture of Ytterbium to cleanse the palate, as it were.


I’m not even mad. : I



Ytterbium: Look how cute I am! So cute so cute!

Smol bean.

I’d take more pictures of Lutetium being cute but she’s generally either stuck in a crib or…


Lutetium: Stairs, my old nemesis. We meet again.


Then she went off to explore the Downstairs.


Lutetium: … I’m gonna ‘member those words for when I can talk.


Swordfish, our tenth perfect fish.


We’re trying to catch a shark.

No luck.


No surprise that Thulium gets in trouble for bad grades when she has, like, never gone to school well-rested in her life.


Terbium: I caught a new fish AND it’s perfect right off the bat.

Eleven out of thirteen.

Terbium: … aren’t you gonna tell me ‘good job’ or something?

Terbium, now you’re just… fishing for compliments.

Terbium: You used me to set that joke up and I hate you for it.


Erbium’s birthday came and they grew up lovely and beautiful and I love them?

Terbium had a birthday but she didn’t change so whatever.


Terbium: … so… do you want a bedtime story?

Thulium: Oh, so NOW you wanna be nice? What made you decide to be my mom all of a sudden?

Terbium: … because it’s midnight and you need to go to bed, you little pill.


The birthdays also reminded me that it was two days until the toddlers grew up, so I thought I’d give them a cake. Then they’d be able to use the stairs.

Erbium: Alright, Lu. You’re gonna grow up and then we’re not going to spend every night route failing, alright?

Lutetium: lol that’s what you think.

And then Lutetium didn’t age up, no matter what I did, and then I broke the game trying to fix it. So. There’s that. I saved, at least, so I think I only need to redo the last couple birthdays and probably some fishing.


Self Wetting : 17 -135
Fires: 5 -25
Electrocutions: 3 -15
Passing Out : 44 -220
Failing School : 0
Accidental Deaths : (0)
Social Worker Visit : (0)
Game breakiness that’s my own fault : 2

Every Birth : 16 +80
Twins : (8) +80
Triplets : (1) +20
Fulfilling LTWs : 6 +240
NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : (0)
Every Honor Roll : 9 +45
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : 1 +20
Painting of Torch Holder (4) + 20

TOTAL = 105