Heir Poll Time!

Boy, am I not jealous of you guys this generation. All of these kids are gorgeous!

But this heir poll isn’t about showing off the kids, it’s about showing off my skills attempts at working a new art program thing.

Nah, it’s totally about the kids.

Neo Promethium Samarium Europium

So pick your favorite! Tell your family, tell your friends… tell your friends’ family and your family’s friends… seriously, though I don’t think I ever would have thought I would actually succeed to getting to element number 60 (what-what!) and beyond when I started this… four years ago almost exactly!

I’d like to take this time (if you’re still reading this) to thank everyone who has been reading my ramblings about the sim family with the most predictable name scheme ever. It’s great and I love hearing when I make someone laugh or seeing that someone liked what I wrote enough to click the little follow button. It’s been a great ride and, as I just noticed just now… we’re closer to the finish line than we are to the starting point now.

With these two big milestones that I’ve just noticed (wow, I’m oblivious) I think I’m going to try to get something special out for our four-year anniversary, so long as all my homework stuff is done. : )

One thought on “Heir Poll Time!

  1. Ooh, such a tough choice. I favour both the younger kids, but went for Europium in the end, since I have a thing for the dark hair/blue eye combo. And, scary though they may be, the angry eyebrows are too iconic to give up.

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