Unconventional Family Additions

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.14.45 AM

Emily: This unit enjoys caring for the small human bundles.

That’s good, Emily. I’m happy. Live your life and one day you may earn your freedom move on to bigger and better things.

Slavery is okay if the person you’re enslaving is made of metal.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.15.13 AM

We got a fluctuation in the timestream that affects the future or something. Meh. Unless the whole world became 1984 or Planet of the Apes or something, I’m not all that interested in keeping up on the day-to-day lives of the future Mendeleevs.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.16.04 AM

Wait… we have a BUTLER?

Emily: I have taken the liberty to speak with some human reporters. I hope this was not ‘overstepping my boundaries’.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.16.22 AM

Emily: Excuse me, sir. Caring for human young is my prime directive.

Krypton: It’s alright. I got it.

Emily: *silent seething rage at being denied purpose*

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.18.44 AM

Oyay. More imaginary friends.

Bear: That’s fine! Not like I wanted kids to play with me anyway. : (

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.22.19 AM

Robot: At least they MIGHT have played with you. I’m a cruddy version of something they could play with for real!

Emily: You are my baby.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.25.48 AM

The only good IF is Vaughn! And Binky. And Old Lace… but still! Vaughn is allowed because he’s named after my dearly departed gnome. : (

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.26.37 AM

Krypton dies while helping Emily to take care of the babies…

Since he was last seen blocking Emily’s path, it is slightly suspicious, but I’m assuming Emily follows the 3 laws of robotics. Or at least the law about not harming humans.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.26.56 AM

Look, she’s really sad! : (

Emily: Heart-drive overloading. Not enough memory to store all of the feels.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.27.11 AM

Krypton: Well, good-bye, my grandson. I lived a long life. Founded a legacy. Became one of those ghosts that always freaked me out.

Ruthenium: *storing these memories so they can be dredged up during a therapy session later in life*

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.27.27 AM

Death: DAMMIT.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.28.31 AM

Krypton: I’m fine, guys. You don’t have to worry…

Yttrium: WAH! Daddy died and I can’t stop the baby from SCREAMING because his GHOST is in the way!

Death: Seriously? I had to take time to walk around the entire house. You had enough time, get over it already.

I love that Death gets a memory for seeing a ghost or something, so he gets a :I face over his head and it just looks like he’s tired of his job every time. Like he wants to retire to Hawaii or something.

Death: Sims 2 Death had it so much better.

And I didn’t get a picture of the grave. Next time.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.32.29 AM

Technetium doesn’t have a bed. … whoops.

Er… this can be her room now. Fixed!

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 9.32.56 AM

Aw, Emily charges. And dreams. But not of electric sheep.

Emily: Robo-Dad, no! I don’t wanna go to robo-boarding school. D:

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.42.59 AM

Speaking of college.

Llama: Want to enroll in higher education? If I recruit enough people the fraternity will let me take off this costume… and sleep indoors.

Not right now.

Llama: 😦

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.44.26 AM

We’ve got something more important to do.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.48.21 AM

Testing out more future stuff! Actually I wanted to try the ‘genetic engineering’ thing and they were too tired to go straight there.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.50.25 AM

… way to go, Nervous.

Of all the food the future food maker thing could give you, you chose leftover birthday cake. Because there’s no way you’re ever going to have birthday cake while living in a LEGACY FAMILY.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.51.25 AM

See? Yttrium had the right idea, even though I’m not actually sure what she ordered. But whatever. It looked fancy.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.51.48 AM

She eats breakfast with the future guy. I want his hair color. That is all.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.52.45 AM

Yttrium fails at future elevators.

Yttrium: : /

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.54.05 AM

Then I sent her into the movie theater, except in the future instead of movies you go on 3D Adventures or something. Which would be impressive, but I’m pretty sure that’s the same thing the VR goggles in the present do. Maybe it’s ‘3D Adventures without having to wear silly stuff on your head.’

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.55.01 AM

We didn’t go to the hospital right away because Nervous was talking to future guy Emit Relevart about the Happy Lake Monster.

Emit: The hunt for lake monsters? That’s SO last decade. The big cryptid of the week is the Beast of Bladenboro.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.57.10 AM

I decided to go with the ‘genetic manipulation’ route with the baby because I am spending 5000 on a caterpillar sim, so I am sure as hell gonna use that money I spend and pick out hair and eye color.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.59.03 AM

So meet Palladium! Yayyy! Palladium is evil and artistic.

Yttrium: This one’s my favorite! I didn’t need to carry her around in my stomach!

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.59.54 AM

Yttrium: I’ll just leave her on the ground.

Yup. Yttrium and Nervous just left the baby on the ground to go through the time portal. Luckily, she somehow makes it through on her own.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.02.43 AM

Yttrium: Good baby. You have proven yourself fit for survival.

Emily: You’re blocking my way to the infant… just as Krypton did before he died! *mechanical sob*

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.03.50 AM

I wasn’t sure if I commanded Emily on anything yet, so I decided to have her scan somebody to see what happened. If I used up the interaction already, it’s not a big deal, since I’m pretty sure the ‘scan’ doesn’t affect anything too much anyway.

Emily: Scanning genitals… comparing pictures with database to ascertain relative temperature, or ‘hotness’…

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.04.20 AM

Yttrium: Okay. Reprogram time.

Emily: But… the infant is emitting noises of discomfort…

Yttrium: Don’t care. No checking out my husband. Reprogram.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.05.41 AM

Vaughn: And that’s why you should leave leftovers on your plate. Because your parents don’t see me and don’t make food for me themselves.

Technetium: I’m kind of still caught up on my grampa leaving. Can we do this later?

Hey, Tech. Did I use an interaction for you?

Technetium: Just to do my hair and clothes.

Okay then…

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.05.56 AM

Technetium: I’ve been informed that it’s time to give this to you.

Vaughn’s gonna be a REAL BOY!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.06.13 AM

… or not.

I honestly thought that Vaughn was a boy IF…

Vaughn: You’ve been calling me a boy for years, Techie. Not pleased.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.10.56 AM

Then she goes on the teeter totter and is joined by Yttrium.

Yttrium: So you’re one of Technetium’s friends?

Vaughn: You could say that.

Yttrium: Alright. What’s your name again?

Vaughn: Vaughn, Mrs. Mendeleev.

Yttrium: Oh, that’s what Technetium calls her little dolly, too. ^_^

Vaughn: *seethes* I am aware.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.11.32 AM

Yttrium got this for her wedding or being a celebrity. Or something. I’m not entirely sure. I think it’s kind of like an instrument thing with lasers.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.11.59 AM

Yttrium: Wild thing… doo doo… you make my heart sing… doo doo…

That’s not relating to chemistry!

Yttrium: Hey, we’re not all nerds like… *counts on fingers* *gives up* Gramma Ellie.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 11.16.01 AM

Vaughn got a makeover, and I changed her hair color because she got the same one as Technetium. Vaughn is adventurous, rebellious, and hot-headed. Also a possible spouse, even if we pick another female heir. Because I think you can make a future baby with two female sims? We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


Self Wetting : 7 -35
Fires: 4 -20
Electrocutions: 0
Passing Out : 4 -20
Failing School : 0
Accidental Deaths : (0)
Social Worker Visit : (0)
Game breakiness that’s my own fault : 1

Every Birth : (4) +20
Twins : (3) +30
Triplets : (0)
Fulfilling LTWs :  2 +80
NTH Spouse Reaching Top of Career : (0)
Every Honor Roll : 5 +25
Randomizing every LTW and trait for an entire generation : (0)
Not Using Spares Lifetime Happiness points for an entire generation : (0)
Every 100,000 simoleons earned : (0)
Painting of Torch Holder (2) + 10

TOTAL = 90

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